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Venezuelan Army Stops Guaido as He Heads to Site of Aid Effort

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Three buses carrying lawmakers sympathetic to Guaido left Caracas heading for the town on the Colombian border that’s the focus of the aid effort, but were stopped in Carabobo state. Guaido, traveling separately for security reasons, was held up by army trucks blocking a tunnel east of the capital, said Edward Rodriguez, a spokesman. Maduro, who has said the aid effort is a pretext for a U.S. intervention, also announced that Venezuela’s land crossings with Brazil would shut at 8 p.m., and said he was also weighing "a total closure of the border with Colombia." He already had sealed off access from Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire.

US aid for Venezuela lands in Curacao

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Willemstad, Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles) (AFP) - A plane carrying food and medical aid from the United States landed on the Caribbean island of Curacao Thursday en route to Venezuela, whose government has vowed to block it. AFP reporters saw the jet land at the airport in Curacao, one of the focal points of a volatile standoff between Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and self-declared head of state Juan Guaido. One of the Venezuelan organizers of the shipment, Miguel Rodriguez, said the plane contained 50 tons of food and medicine for Venezuelans suffering shortages.

Southwest Airlines cancels nearly 400 flights as maintenance woes, winter storms linger

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The airline continues to have a higher-than-usual number of aircraft out of service due to maintenance and is dealing with snow in Las Vegas.

Art + Feminism to Host Sixth Annual Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon in March

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This year, the event will also focus on non-binary artists. Read More

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Putin to U.S.: I'm ready for another Cuban Missile-style crisis if you want one

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The Cuban Missile Crisis erupted in 1962 when Moscow responded to a U.S. missile deployment in Turkey by sending ballistic missiles to Cuba, sparking a standoff that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. More than five decades on, tensions are rising again over Russian fears that the United States might deploy intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Europe, as a landmark Cold War-era arms-control treaty unravels. Putin's comments, made to Russian media late on Wednesday, follow his warning that Moscow will match any U.S. move to deploy new missiles closer to Russia by stationing its own missiles closer to the United States or by deploying faster missiles or both.

Syria force hit by IS attack as tries to free last civilians

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A deadly car bombing claimed by the Islamic State group hit US-backed forces in east Syria Thursday as they tried to negotiate the release of civilians trapped in the jihadists' last sliver of territory. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are working towards evacuating civilians remaining in the holdout, so they can polish off the dying IS "caliphate" whether through an assault or a surrender deal. The jihadists overran large parts of Syria and neighbouring Iraq in 2014, but several offensives have retaken all but half a square kilometre (a fifth of a square mile) of the territory in the eastern Syrian village of Baghouz.

Rubio Predicts Maduro’s Troops Won’t Block Humanitarian Aid

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Senator Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) said Wednesday that Venezuelan troops have already begun to disobey orders and will likely refuse to block the thousands of volunteers who plan to escort a humanitarian-aid caravan across the country's border on Saturday.“Saturday’s a day when we’re going to find a lot about the Maduro regime,” Rubio told Bloomberg in a telephone interview. “I have reason to believe that rank-and-file military are not going to violently suppress aid workers.”Opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who is officially recognized as the president of Venezuela by the Trump administration and 30 other nations, has urged the military to defect and refuse Maduro's orders to block aid shipments at the border.“There’s already significant resistance” by rank-and-file troops, causing military leaders to doubt “whether the people under their command are going to do what they’re asking them to do,” Rubio said.More than 600,000 Venezuelans have preemptively signed up to escort large shipments of much-needed food and medicine across the country's border with Colombia, according to Guaidó, who vowed the aid will enter the country “one way or another.”The supplies have been accumulating at the border due to the Maduro regime's refusal to accept foreign aid intended to ease starvation and sickness. Maduro has repeatedly cast the foreign-aid efforts as a "political show," designed to serve as a pretext for invasion.

Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere may soar to levels not seen in 56 million years

Yahoo - Art News - 7 hours 9 min ago

Emissions of carbon dioxide – the greenhouse gas most responsible for global warming – could soar to levels not seen in 56 million years, scientists warned.

How long should it take to get my tax refund this year?

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In general, the IRS expects most tax refunds to be issued in less than 21 days. Here’s how to find out the status of your tax refund.

Victims testify at child sex abuse conference, Pope promises to fight ‘enemy within’

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Francis convened Catholic leaders from around the world for the four-day meeting to address the scandal that has ravaged the Church's credibility in the United States - where it has paid billions of dollars in settlements - Ireland, Chile, Australia, and elsewhere over the last three decades. "Faced with the scourge of sexual abuse committed by men of the Church against minors, I wanted to reach out to you," Francis told the assembled bishops and heads of religious orders. Francis, opening the conference of nearly 200 participants in a Vatican auditorium, added that victims deserve "concrete and efficient measures" and not mere condemnations.

Canada looks to reunite Syrian family after fire claims seven kids

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Canada is looking to quickly bring over siblings of a Syrian refugee distraught over the loss of her seven children in a Halifax house fire, the prime minister said Thursday. "The immigration minister is seized with this particular case," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said when asked if Ottawa would fast-track the immigration or asylum process to bring the woman's brothers to Canada in order to provide her with family support. The family was among tens of thousands of Syrian refugees welcomed by Canada over the past four years.

Maduro orders borders closed as tensions mount over aid and rival music concerts

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Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela's president, ordered the border with Brazil to be closed and said he was considering doing the same with Colombia as US aid stacked up on both frontiers on Thursday night. Mr Maduro dismissed efforts to deliver basic food and medicine as a "provocation" as opposition groups were heading to the border to carry the aid packages through in defiance of the regime. Juan Guaido, the opposition leader now recognised as Venezuela's legitimate president by 52 countries, was headed to the frontier with Colombia in a motorcade on Thursday to personally oversee the aid delivery. Political analysts say Saturday's border showdown is less about solving Venezuela's needs and more about testing the military's loyalty towards Maduro and the socialist regime by daring it to turn the aid away. On Wednesday, Maduro's socialist administration said it had closed the country's maritime border with the Dutch Caribbean islands of Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire, after Curacao's government said it would help store aid destined for Venezuela. Mr Guaido left Caracas for the border to personally oversee  the delivery of US aid Credit:  FEDERICO PARRA/ AFP Mr Guaido was due to arrive across the border from Cucuta, the Colombian town that has become a focal point for the standoff, with pallets of aid mounting up and a concert organised by Richard Branson due to take place on Friday. Residents, who are already feeling the strain of hosting tens of thousands of Venezuelan refugees, are concerned about the safety of the show, and its provocative location on the Tienditas bridge that connects the two hostile countries. Furthermore, many told The Telegraph that the planned delivery of humanitarian aid on Saturday has made the already-tense city even more fraught. Colombia expelled five Venezuelans on Wednesday from the Colombian border town of Cucuta for "carrying forward activities which attack citizen security and social order".  Johana, a 33-year-old archivist, said she was worried how Venezuela’s military would react to the show, which begins at 10am local time (3pm GMT) and runs until 5pm (10pm GMT). “I think the location of the concert is really dangerous, because Maduro is capable of doing anything,” she said. The stage for Richard Branson's concert was being erected on the bridge from Colombia to Venezuela Credit: SCHNEYDER MENDOZA/AFP Brian, a 27-year-old employee of the Bavaria beer company, said he was looking forward to the show, but shared Johana’s concern about the venue. Mr Guaido, the self-declared “interim president” of Venezuela, has insisted that the aid must be allowed to pass. Mr Maduro has ordered his troops not to let it through, and announced that Venezuela will instead deliver aid to Colombia.   The presidents of Colombia, Chile, Panama and Paraguay will be in Cucuta, to observe the efforts, largely carried out by thousands of volunteers, who in the two days leading up to Saturday's showdown gathered outside military barracks, urging the soldiers to disobey Mr Maduro. Sir Richard has said he hopes 250,000 people will attend the free gig, which features megastars such as multi-Grammy-winning Juanes, Venezuelan veteran Ricardo Montaner, Spanish singer-songwriter Alejandro Sanz and Mexican rockers Mana. Venezuela - Concert locations “Doing an event as big as this, with so many people, is quite risky, because we don’t know what the reaction will be from the other side of the border,” he said. “I really think the concert is inconvenient, given the tensions at the moment. At the least, they shouldn’t do it on the bridge.” Noelia, 33, an insurance consultant, said she was too frightened to attend, and worried about a response from Mr Maduro’s troops or Colombia’s own guerrilla force, the ELN, which backs Mr Maduro. “I think it’s a good tool to show Maduro that the whole world is tired of him,” she said. “But I’m not going to go, because I don’t think it’s safe. Firstly, because of the number of people who are going. And secondly, because we don’t know what Mr Maduro will do in response.” Mr Maduro has already announced that his government will hold a rival “Hands Off Venezuela” concert, staged 300 metres away on the other side of the bridge. His artists are yet to be announced, and a Colombian radio station reported that musicians were being offered up to $7 million to perform during a three-day festival, running from Friday to Sunday. It said several had declined to perform. And Pink Floyd’s co-founder Roger Waters, who has strongly opposed any intervention in Venezuela, attacked Sir Richard's concert and said it was little more than a political stunt. “It has nothing to do with humanitarian aid at all,” the 75-year old Waters said. “It has to do with Richard Branson having bought the US saying, ‘We have decided to take over Venezuela, for whatever our reasons may be.’” Sir Richard denied that the show was political, and emphasised that the musicians were not being paid. The British billionaire, who has been following events in Venezuela closely from his Caribbean isle of Necker, 500 miles directly north of Caracas, said he felt he simply had to do something. Support for Venezuela leadership "Venezuela sadly has not become the utopia that the current administration of Venezuela or the past administration were hoping for, and that has resulted in a lot of people literally dying from lack of medical help", he said. "I think it will draw attention to the problem on a global basis." He added that he hopes the event is “a joyous occasion”. And some in Cucuta were certainly looking forward to the show. The mayor of the city of 650,000, Cesar Omar Rojas, has declared today (FRI) to be a holiday, with state employees given the day off to attend and schools closed, to free up the roads for transport to the site. “We’re going to send a message to the world that there should be no walls or barriers between two brotherly neighbours, which prevent reconciliation, or stop help from arriving,” said Luis Carlos Diaz, a 47-year-old customer service specialist. “Through music we will show Maduro that the world does not agree with him. It will be a warning to all of those new regimes that are growing around the world, we will tell them that is it not ok to starve their people.”

Venezuela's Maduro closes Brazil border to block aid entry

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CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro ordered the vast border with Brazil to be closed on Thursday, just days before opposition leaders plan to bring in foreign humanitarian aid he has refused to accept.

9 Great Utility Stocks to Buy for Income

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When investors think of low-risk investments, they often think of utility stocks. When times get tough it's much easier to cut back on discretionary spending like travel or apparel than it is to materially reduce your energy use. Income investors are particularly drawn to energy utilities because consistent demand fuels consistent profits -- and regular dividends are the result.

Bronx Museum Adds Seven Members to Board of Trustees

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Artist Angel Otero and social media strategist Karen Robinovitz are among the appointees. Read More

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Google combats opioid epidemic through providing disposable locations on Google Maps

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By entering searches like “drug drop off near me” or “medication disposal near me," Google Maps users will be able to find permanent disposal spots.


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