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Updated: 2 hours 30 min ago

No, you step aside: Democratic competitors 'shocked' by Bloomberg suggesting they leave the race

2 hours 55 min ago

Michael Bloomberg's Democratic competitors don't think much of his suggestion that they leave the race to him and Bernie Sanders.

Israel says cruise passenger flown home from Japan has virus

6 hours 25 min ago

One of the 11 Israelis who were flown home after being quarantined on a cruise ship in Japan has tested positive for the new virus that emerged in China late last year, the first case to be reported inside Israel, officials said Friday. The Israeli cruise ship passengers, who had all initially tested negative for the new coronavirus, arrived on a charter plane overnight. Dr. Gili Regev-Yochay, director of the infectious disease unit at the hospital, said all 11 were tested again upon arrival.

South Korea accepted that its efforts to stop the coronavirus infecting the country failed, and says it's pivoting to containment

7 hours 30 min ago

Cases of the coronavirus in South Korea have suddenly tippled. The government says it must now take a different approach.

A crowd in Ukraine threw bricks at buses carrying coronavirus evacuees from Wuhan to quarantine

7 hours 59 min ago

The buses were attacked in Novi Sanzhary on Thursday night. Nobody on board has tested positive for the coronavirus — the quarantine is a precaution.

59 Hong Kong police quarantined after meal with virus colleague

8 hours 20 min ago

Dozens of Hong Kong police officers have been placed in quarantine after attending a banquet with a colleague who later tested positive for the new coronavirus, officials said Friday. The news prompted celebrations among some pro-democracy protesters, a vivid illustration of how deeply polarised the city has become after months of rallies and thousands of arrests last year. Health officials said four officers as well as the infected policeman's wife and mother-in-law showed symptoms of illness.

Trump's intelligence shakeup is reportedly tied to his loathing for Adam Schiff, bond with Devin Nunes

8 hours 37 min ago

President Trump berated outgoing acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire on Valentine's Day because he was upset over an election security intelligence briefing for the House Intelligence Committee on Feb. 13, several major newspapers reported late Thursday. Trump was reportedly angry that Shelby Pierson, the election threat czar at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, had briefed lawmakers without his knowledge, and also that she had told them Russia is currently interfering in the 2020 election with the goal of helping Trump win re-election.Specifically, Trump was furious that Pierson had briefed House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), The Washington Post reports. "Trump erroneously believed that Pierson had given the assessment exclusively" to Schiff, and he "also believed that the information would be helpful to Democrats if it were released publicly." It isn't clear where Trump got the impression Schiff was the only person at the bipartisan briefing, but "Trump learned about Pierson's remarks from Rep. Devin Nunes (Calif.), the committee's ranking Republican and a staunch Trump ally," the Post reports. Nunes was at the briefing.Trump has "fixated on" Schiff, "pummeling him publicly with insults and unfounded accusations of corruption," since Schiff started leading Trump's impeachment, The New York Times reports. In October, Trump even "refused to invite lawmakers from the congressional intelligence committees to a White House briefing on Syria because he did not want Mr. Schiff there."Accounts differ on how much the election interference briefing weighed on Trump's decision to replace Maguire with Richard Grenell, a loyalist who is currently U.S. ambassador to Germany — the Post says the incident "ruined Maguire's chances of becoming the permanent intelligence chief," while two administration officials tell the Times the timing was coincidental and Maguire was never a contender — but "Trump's suspicions of the intelligence community have often been fueled by Nunes, who was with the president in California on Wednesday when he announced on Twitter that Grenell would become the acting director," the Post reports.Some of Maguire's top aides are leaving, too, including acting deputy DNI Andrew Hallman, the Times reports, paving the way for "Grenell to put in place his own management team." Kash Patel, the Nunes aide "who helmed efforts to push back against the FBI's Trump-Russia investigation, has just started working in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence," The Daily Beast reports.More stories from Former CIA Director John Brennan says 'we are now in a full-blown national security crisis' The growing crisis in cosmology USDA predicts China will buy $14 billion in goods from U.S. farmers, probably not the promised $40 billion

Biden Campaign Repeating Iowa Mistakes in Nevada

8 hours 46 min ago

For weeks, Democrats have sought to calm growing fear that the upcoming Nevada caucuses could be a repeat of the chaotic first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses earlier this month, where the combination of an untested app in the hands of untrained precinct chairs and an unprepared state party resulted in an election-night meltdown.But at least one candidate appears unbothered by the old adage that those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it: former Vice President Joe Biden, whose campaign is replicating an Iowa caucus strategy that many felt cost the former frontrunner crucial delegates in that contest.According to campaign sources, the Biden campaign is once again enlisting out-of-state precinct captains to run the show on caucus night this Saturday. While no rule prevents the use of non-residents as a campaign’s precinct captain, the practice contributed to the chaos that blew up the strategies of multiple campaigns during the Iowa caucuses.Precinct captains are essentially in-room organizers/cheerleaders for candidates who are tasked with encouraging unaligned caucusers to align with their chosen candidates, increasing the likelihood that their candidates reach the threshold of viability to obtain delegates. Having precinct captains with authentic local roots—particularly respected community figures like politicians, teachers, coaches and organizers—can be useful in persuading wobbly friends, neighbors and colleagues to align with a candidate.Conversely, precinct captains from out of town are less likely to know the area well, do not have personal ties to unaligned caucus-goers, and are generally unknown by locals until recently, if at all.An official with the Nevada Democratic Party confirmed to The Daily Beast that precinct captains “don’t have to be Nevadans” to serve in their roles, and noted that the party itself uses volunteers from out of state to serve as precinct chairs—the folks running the show during caucuses—and site leads.“We have volunteers from all over Nevada as well as out of state volunteers who are able to serve” in those capacities, the official said.In Iowa, the Biden campaign’s use of non-Iowan volunteers as precinct captains was a necessary stopgap to ensure that every one of the state’s roughly 1,600 precincts had a Biden advocate present—itself a sign of lackluster enthusiasm and weak ground game that was borne out in the caucus results.“I do not recall being asked whence a group of college kids came to work such processes in Nevada, Arizona and California—key was that college-kid enthusiasm was sufficient to accept the work of volunteers,” said Dr. Robert E. Dickens, an associate professor at University of Nevada, Reno. “This cycle, with intensifying conflict, may be different… on both right and left.”The strategy doesn’t always work in the campaign’s favor, as precinct captains unfamiliar with the local community struggled to win over supporters during realignment. Some reportedly stood by quietly as other campaigns—particularly that of former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg—stripped supporters from Biden’s corner and crossed the threshold of viability.Businessman Andrew Yang, who until recently also sought the Democratic presidential nomination, also relied heavily on precinct captains bussed in from other states—nearly half of his precinct captains were estimated to be visitors in Iowa. The result for Yang was a similar meltdown, with the candidate emerging from caucus night with no delegates and roughly one percent of the vote in Iowa.Beyond the difficulties that out-of-state precinct captains can face in winning over perfect strangers during realignment, captains also might struggle in understanding the caucus problem itself, particularly if they hail from states with a more traditional primary process where votes are cast quickly and in private, rather than public and often confusing proceedings that can last for hours.“I don’t think it’s going to be very helpful for them,” said an official with a rival campaign. “Particularly in Nevada, where you have all of these affinity groups—labor Democrats, women’s groups, LGBT groups—that clump together during alignments, having some random stranger who might not know the process and almost definitely doesn’t know folks on the group is not going to do the job.”In some precincts—although, due to the decentralized nature of the event, it’s hard to say how many—people who aren’t residents are confined to an area of the room separate from caucus-goers. For an out-of-state precinct captain, this adds an additional hurdle in the already tricky task of instructing caucus-goers what to do with their ballots and cajoling others to align with their candidate.The Biden campaign, which publicly (and inaccurately) insisted that all of its Iowa precinct captains were from the Hawkeye State, did not respond to requests about its use of non-locals to run the most important part of their ground operation in Nevada.Biden, who finished in an embarrassing fourth place in Iowa and fifth in the New Hampshire primary, is currently polling further and further behind Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Silver State, but has told supporters that he is confident that he will place in the top two on Saturday.“As you all observed, we lost the first two primaries, but they make up 2 percent of the delegates needed to get elected. We’re heading south,” Biden told supporters at a fundraiser on Monday, adding that he is “confident” he will win the South Carolina primary no matter what.Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

Ilhan Omar’s Challenger Is Literally on the Run From the Law

8 hours 50 min ago

It’s not unheard-of for members of Congress to resign their seats because of serious legal trouble. Now Republican House candidate Danielle Stella is trying to achieve the inverse: getting elected to Congress while being wanted by the law. Stella, one of the five Republicans competing for the right to take on Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) in November, has been wanted for months on an arrest warrant for felony shoplifting. Even while facing arrest, though, she’s managed to achieve a respectable fundraising haul—nearly $84,000 as of the end of 2019—and built up a following on social media, where, well, she’s made some waves. Stella first stirred the pot in July over tweets suggesting she supports the QAnon conspiracy theory, which claims that Trump is engaged in a ceaseless secret war against high-ranking pedophile-cannibals in the halls of power. At the same time, The Guardian reported that she had been arrested twice in the Minneapolis area’s Hennepin County on shoplifting charges, including an allegation that she stole $2,300 from Target. Stella insisted she didn’t break the law. According to records, though, Stella failed to show up for multiple October court hearings about her alleged felony. After Stella missed another hearing, a judge issued a still-outstanding warrant for her arrest. “We can confirm that she does have an active felony theft warrant in Hennepin County,” a spokesman for the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office told The Daily Beast. Stella didn’t respond to requests for comment. Stella’s primary rivals have watched her mounting legal woes with surprise. Lacy Johnson, an entrepreneur who has raised nearly $500,000 in his own bid for the Republican nomination, said that negative headlines about Stella could undermine whoever eventually faces Omar in the general election. The eventual Republican nominee already faces a steep challenge in the district, which heavily favors Democrats.“Candidates are reflections of the party in a way, and it’s not a good reflection of the party in a sense,” Johnson said. “But now, being in politics, you do learn that people do have all kinds of ways of looking at things.” Sheriff’s deputies aren’t the only ones interested in Stella’s whereabouts. Questions about her location flared anew over the weekend, when a conspiracy theorist with 50,000 YouTube subscribers claimed with no evidence during a livestream that Stella was in some unspecified danger at a hotel in Osceola, Wisconsin. Callers from across the country deluged the Osceola hotel with calls, and police were called to the scene. A spokeswoman for the Osceola Police Department declined to share an incident report about the event, citing an open investigation. Stella is facing obstacles beyond the courtroom, too. In November, Twitter suspended her campaign account after she repeated a fringe allegation that Omar is an Iranian government asset and claimed that Omar “should be tried for treason and hanged” if the allegation was true.  Despite all the legal attention, Stella continues to operate her campaign—at least online. In addition to raising money for her campaign, Stella has posted messages to her supporters on Facebook and Instagram, including promotional memes about QAnon.  As a candidate himself, Johnson said that anyone facing an arrest warrant would no doubt face complications while running for office. How, for example, could they show up for debates in the face of police pressure? “I wouldn’t even run if I was on the run from the police,” Johnson said.  How the Ilhan Omar Marriage Smear Went From Fever Swamp to TrumpRead more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

Democrat Warren, worried campaign will run out of cash, taps $3 million loan

12 hours 48 min ago

NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren raised more money than most of her Democratic presidential rivals in the weeks before the Iowa caucuses, but spent so heavily that her campaign took out a $3 million loan fearing she would run out of cash. Warren raised $10.4 million in contributions in January -- more than former Vice President Joe Biden's $9 million and former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg's $6 million -- but ended the month with only $2.3 million in cash, according to disclosures filed on Thursday. All of the presidential hopefuls were required to submit financial disclosures on Thursday, public documents that offer insights into how they are managing their multi-million campaign operations.

U.S. Opposes Nigeria Plan to Hand Looted Funds to State Governor

Thu, 02/20/2020 - 23:00

(Bloomberg) -- The U.S. is opposing plans by Nigeria’s government to hand about $100 million the American authorities say was stolen by deceased former dictator Sani Abacha to a top ruling party official.The disagreement may hamper future cooperation between the two nations to recover state money moved offshore by Abacha, who Transparency International estimates may have looted as much as $5 billion during his 1993-98 rule. A commitment by Nigeria to transfer the funds to Kebbi state Governor Abubakar Bagudu appears to undermine Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s pledge to quell rampant graft in Africa’s top oil producer.The U.S. Department of Justice says Bagudu was involved in corruption with Abacha. The DoJ also contends that the Nigerian government is hindering U.S. efforts to recover allegedly laundered money it says it’s traced to Bagudu. Buhari’s administration says a 17-year-old agreement entitles Bagudu to the funds and prevents Nigeria from assisting the U.S., according to recent filings from the District Court for the District of Columbia in Washington.“This case illustrates how complex and contentious repatriating stolen assets to Nigeria can be,” said Matthew Page, an associate fellow at London-based Chatham House and former Nigeria expert for U.S. intelligence agencies. “Instead of welcoming U.S. efforts, Nigeria’s lawyers appear to be supporting the interests of one of the country’s most powerful families.”Neither Bagudu nor a spokesman for Attorney General Abubakar Malami responded to requests for comment. A spokesman for Buhari said the settlement and the litigation were matters for Malami. A spokesman for the DoJ declined to comment.Successive Nigerian governments have sought to recoup the money looted by Abacha, who died in office, and have so far repatriated more than $2 billion with the cooperation of other countries, according to U.S. court filings.In the case involving Bagudu, the U.S. in 2013 initiated a forfeiture action against a host of assets, including four investment portfolios held in London in trust for him and his family, according to the district court filings.The DoJ said in a Feb. 3 statement that Bagudu, 58, was part of a network controlled by Abacha that “embezzled, misappropriated and extorted billions from the government of Nigeria.” Bagudu is the chairman of an influential body of governors representing the ruling All Progressives Congress.Despite the forfeiture action being initiated following a Nigerian state request in 2012, Buhari’s government now says it can’t assist the U.S. because it’s bound by a settlement Bagudu reached with the administration of then-President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2003, according to the court filings.Under the terms of that accord, which was approved by a U.K. court, Bagudu returned $163 million of allegedly laundered money to the Nigerian authorities, which in exchange dropped all outstanding civil and criminal claims against him “stemming from his involvement in government corruption,” according to a Dec. 23 memorandum opinion by District Judge John D. Bates in Washington D.C.That meant “Nigeria renounced any interest whatsoever” in Bagudu’s trust assets, including those the U.S. is attempting to recover for the West African nation, the opinion stated.After Bagudu successfully sued Nigeria for violating the 2003 settlement, the government reached a new agreement with him in October 2018, according to the court filings. That would result in the transfer of ownership of the investment portfolios, worth 141 million euros ($155 million) to the Nigerian state, which would then pay 98.5 million euros to Bagudu and his affiliates, according to Bates’ Dec. 23 opinion. The funds are currently restrained by the U.K. at the request of the U.S.Nigeria’s government claims the updated 2018 agreement with the Kebbi governor, which requires court approval in the U.K., will “curtail and mitigate its looming exposure” from the judgment in Bagudu’s favor.The full texts of neither settlement was published in the court filings.Buhari’s administration submitted the 2018 deal to the U.K. court in September to support its application to unfreeze the assets so they can be sent to Nigeria, according to the opinion. The court has yet to make a decision.To contact the reporter on this story: William Clowes in Kinshasa at wclowes@bloomberg.netTo contact the editors responsible for this story: Anthony Osae-Brown at, Paul Richardson, Pauline BaxFor more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.comSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted business news source.©2020 Bloomberg L.P.

Former CIA Director John Brennan says 'we are now in a full-blown national security crisis'

Thu, 02/20/2020 - 22:29

Former CIA Director John Brennan is very disturbed by a new report from The New York Times, which says last week, members of the House Intelligence Committee were warned by an aide to Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire that Russia is actively meddling in the 2020 campaign in order to get President Trump re-elected."We are now in a full-blown national security crisis," Brennan said. "By trying to prevent the flow of intelligence to Congress, Trump is abetting a Russian covert operation to keep him in office for Moscow's interests, not America's." Brennan served as CIA director from 2013 to 2017.The briefing was delivered by Shelby Pierson, one of Maguire's aides known for her blunt delivery, the Times reports. When Trump found out about the briefing, he was livid, and complained that the committee's chair, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), will "weaponize" the intelligence against him, a person with knowledge of the matter told the Times. On Wednesday, Trump announced Maguire is being replaced by U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, a Trump loyalist.More stories from Trump's push to install people loyal to him in law enforcement, intelligence appears to be well underway The growing crisis in cosmology Women demand $66 million in soccer gender discrimination lawsuit

Quadruple murderer executed in Tennessee

Thu, 02/20/2020 - 22:23

A quadruple murderer was put to death in Tennessee on Thursday despite lawyers asking the US Supreme Court for a stay of execution. Nicholas Sutton, 58, was found guilty of stabbing a fellow inmate to death in 1985. Sutton's lawyers in January asked the state's Republican governor, Bill Lee, to grant clemency, citing expressions of support for Sutton from prison officials.

Report: California prisoner confesses to killing 2 molesters

Thu, 02/20/2020 - 22:08

A California prison inmate confessed in a letter that he beat two child molesters to death with a cane while behind bars just hours after his urgent warning to a counselor that he might become violent was ignored, a newspaper chain reported Thursday. Jonathan Watson, 41, confessed in the letter to the Bay Area News Group in Northern California that he clubbed both men in the head on Jan. 16 at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison in Corcoran. “We can't comment on an active investigation," Dana Simas, spokesman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, wrote in an email.

Doomsday Mom of Missing Kids Arrested in Hawaii

Thu, 02/20/2020 - 21:44

The d0omsday-obsessed mother of two missing children was arrested in Hawaii on Thursday for failing to comply with a court order to produce her 17-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son.Lori Vallow has refused to cooperate with Idaho authorities investigating the disappearance of Tylee Ryan and her adopted brother J.J. almost five months ago.She and her husband, Chad Daybell, the author of apocalyptic novels aimed at a Mormon audience, fled Idaho when police began poking around and have been holed up in Hawaii.Police are also investigating the deaths of Vallow’s and Daybell’s previous spouses shortly before they got married. Through an attorney, the couple have denied wrongdoing.Idaho Doomsday Couple Found in Hawaii—Without Missing KidsAuthorities have said they believe the children’s lives are in danger and don’t believe Vallow and Daybell took them to Hawaii. Their belongings were stashed in an Idaho storage locker, and Vallow reportedly had Tylee’s phone when officers executed a search warrant on Jan. 26.An Idaho judge issued a court order for Vallow to appear with the children days later, but she was a no-show. She was then charged with two felony counts of desertion and non-support, obstructing officers, contempt of court and criminal solicitation of a crime.The Madison County, Idaho, prosecutor said in a statement that the complaint “alleges that Vallow abandoned her two minor children, delayed law enforcement’s attempts to locate her children, and encouraged another individual to delay law enforcement’s attempts to locate her children. “Additionally, the State alleges that Vallow disobeyed a court order to physically produce her children to authorities in Idaho.”Doomsday Mom Lori Vallow Misses Deadline to Produce Missing KidsThe Kauai Police Department said it arrested her on a warrant out of Idaho. She is being held in lieu of $5 million bail until a hearing where she can decide whether to waive or fight extradition back to Idaho.“We are elated. We are relieved,” J.J.’s grandmother, Kay Woodcock, told East Idaho News. “We are ready for the next step, which for Lori is: Where are the kids? Where are the kids? Where are the kids?” Vallow and Daybell got married weeks after his wife died; her last husband had been killed months earlier—by her own brother during what was described as a domestic dispute. Police are now re-investigating both deaths and exhumed the body of Daybell’s wife to conduct the autopsy he initially declined.The couple reportedly met after a still-married Vallow began reading Daybell’s books and got involved in his doomsday-prepper community.Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

Tennessee executes man convicted in four killings

Thu, 02/20/2020 - 21:37

Tennessee death row inmate Nicholas Todd Sutton was executed Thursday night by the electric chair. Sutton was convicted of killing four people.

Trump Attacks Fox News’ Neil Cavuto at Rally, Fox Personalities Immediately Jump to Cavuto’s Defense

Thu, 02/20/2020 - 21:37

President Donald Trump has once again taken aim at a Fox News host for being insufficiently loyal to him, mocking anchor Neil Cavuto at a Colorado rally on Thursday night hours after blasting him on Twitter over a segment about Trump’s “cringeworthy” 2016 debate performances.Fox News contributor Richard Fowler and anchor Ed Henry, however, jumped to the defense of their network colleague minutes after Trump’s remarks aired, calling the president’s remarks “problematic” and “un-American.”The president, who has made it a habit of taking shots at the conservative-leaning network when he feels some of its hosts and commentators are not showing him enough fealty, took issue Thursday afternoon with Real Clear Politics columnist A.B. Stoddard saying his 2016 debate performances were “disastrous” during Cavuto's show.“Could somebody at @foxnews please explain to Trump hater A.B. Stoddard (zero talent!) and @TeamCavuto, that I won every one of my debates, from beginning to end,” Trump tweeted. “Check the polls taken immediately after the debates. The debates got me elected. Must be Fox Board Member Paul Ryan!”Later at his rally, the president mocked former Fox News anchor Shep Smith—long a favorite target of his—before shifting his ire to Cavuto, who has taken Smith's place.“Fox is not much better but we got lucky,” Trump bellowed while blasting the media. “All of their high rated shows are the ones that like Trump, all of their loser shows are the ones that don’t like Trump. How is Shepard Smith doing? He had the lowest ratings and now Neil Cavuto took his place.”Fox News, which was carrying the rally live at that moment, soon cut away and turned to Henry and his panel, which featured Fowler and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk. After Kirk, a loyal Trump sycophant, said the president appeared to be in “great spirits,” Fowler took aim at Trump for insulting his colleague on Fox airwaves.“He spent the past 30 or so minutes trashing one of our colleagues Neil Cavuto for no reason in particular,” Fowler declared. “This speaks to the problem with this presidency. He can run on the good economy and I will give him points for that but to sit on this air and trash a good journalist, it speaks to the problem that we have.”“We can’t tell our kids not to bully, we can’t tell our kids to be nice to your neighbors,” he continued. “We can’t tell our children to do unto others when you have a president attacking a good man for no reason in particular aside from the fact that he criticized a particular policy position of his.”Henry, for his part, piggybacked on Fowler’s defense of Cavuto, adding: “Neil Cavuto from the first day I walked in to Fox News Channel has always been an outstanding man and outstanding journalist and I want to stand up for him as well.”Moments later, after Kirk said he was “going to stay out of” Trump’s attacks on Cavuto while brushing off Trump’s rallies as “entertainment,” Fowler pushed back on the pro-Trump pundit comparing Trump to “rock stars and comedians.”“He’s the leader of the free world, for him to sit here and attack a journalist, multiple journalists for reporting facts on his presidency is not only problematic, it’s un-presidential,” Fowler concluded. “It’s un-American. Our First Amendment is of freedom of the press.”Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

In California: ICE ignores state immigration laws

Thu, 02/20/2020 - 20:59

Turns out, federal officials don't really care how the state wants to manage immigration enforcement. And voters here lean heavily toward Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to take on President Trump. Plus, there's a series of events dedicated to the trailblazer who brought French cooking to the masses.

Fuel tanker explodes causing 'catastrophic' damage on Indianapolis interstate

Thu, 02/20/2020 - 20:53

The driver was able to get out of the tanker truck on his own and was met by three good Samaritans who helped usher him to safety.