Paint Party

Artzy Party Parties!

Artzy Parties are easy to customize to your event. Because we bring the art studio to you, it's just you and your friends, not dozens of other people celebrating their occasions, we are totally focused on YOU!

One hour classes are $35. per painter (minimum 6) - acrylic painting on an 8x10 canvas
Two hour classes are $45. per painter (minimum 6) - acrylic painting on a 16x20 canvas

I arrive 30 minutes before painting time to set up. I'll drop cloth your floors, cover the tables (available to rent, with chairs, if needed) and provide all the supplies needed. Paint, brushes, canvases, easels, aprons (adults) or smocks (kids) and offer hands on, step by step guidance to create your very own masterpiece! It takes about half an hour for me to clean up and I take the mess with me (no washing brushes in your sink!).

All you need to do is pick a painting in advance. Select from my gallery or make a suggestion, I'm happy to create something custom for your event. Give me an idea of your favorite things or the theme of the party, I'll come up with something great! Free style painting is fun too, instead of instructing one painting for all, I'll come around and offer individual advice as needed.

Kids Parties

We painted and partied with kids as young as TWO! (with parental supervision) Little ones tend to do their own thing, and that's okay! It's all about expressing their creative selves.

Six years old and up tend to have the best results. The most popular subject to paint is CUPCAKES! They pick their favorite "flavor" - brown paint for chocolate, pink for strawberry and so on... and then decorate with sprinkles, a candle or cherry. I offer tons of suggestions and make sure each child is proud of their work and having fun!

Teen Parties

Teens love to paint as well. It's a great way to build self confidence and express themselves creatively. They love painting their name or initial. They can pick colors to match their room, use school colors or honor their favorite team.

Adult Parties

Artzy Party is a great way to get together with your friends and try something new. Book clubs might recreate their favorite book cover. Bunko players could paint cards or dice. Or call it like it is and paint your favorite beverage! Cheers!

Senior Parties

Red Hatters love Artzy Party!